Dr Eila Goldhahn is an artist / researcher and a Dance Movement Psychotherapist.

Her interest and specialism is in the creative process that she facilitates through active imagination in embodiment and speaking through the technique called “Discipline of Authentic Movement” and Movers and Witnesses.

Associated practices, philosophies and politics permeate her writing, filming and art work.

Eila (speak: “Isla”) works in South Devon, UK and abroad.

Current and coming:

Four Friday evenings in Oberstein: Creative Processes through embodiment, movement and reflection. These 2 hour workshops are taught in easy English and in German (Authentische Bewegung: Verkoerperung, Bewegung und Reflektion), Friday afternoons from 16.30 until 18.30 o’clock/ Uhr am 25.8.2017, 1.9.2017, 8.9.2017, 15.9.2017. Please apply by email to info@eila-goldhahn.de   Flyer

Wochenendkursus in Oberstein: Authentische Bewegung: Verkoerperung, Bewegung und Reflektion 2. und 3. 9.2017 Dieser Kurs wird in deutsch gelehrt.  Flyer

Sorry, you just missed...

Authentic Movement Intensive workshop for actors near Frankfurt in Germany, 26th May 2017

Performance with Eberhard Kranemann & Stuart Young, music, films, visuals, Pfaelzer Hof, Idar-Oberstein,  2nd June 2017

Contact: info@eila-goldhahn.de

Open Access to Eila’s critical theory writing on the term “authentic” in The American Journal for Dance Therapy: Is Authentic ...”