Dr Eila Goldhahn is an artist / researcher / teacher. Her interest and specialism is in the creative process in all media that she facilitates through active imagination in embodiment, active imagination and reflective writing and speaking. Her specialist field is a technique called “Discipline of Authentic Movement” and forms the basis of her development of this as an interdisciplinary tool to foster and understand embodied knowledges. Associated practices, philosophies and politics permeate her writing, filming, design and art work. She has been a lecturer at Dartington College of Arts, Schumacher College, Helsinki University of the Arts and Plymouth University in the UK. She is a contributor and peer reviewer to several international academic journals.

Eila (speak: “Isla”) works in South Devon, UK and Idar-Oberstein, near Trier in Germany.

Contact: info@eila-goldhahn.de

Open Access to Eila’s critical theory writing on the term “authentic” in The American Journal for Dance Therapy: Is Authentic ...”